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Ingredients :

  • Minerals
  • Phyto-Extracts
  • Enzyme Catalysts
  • Saline Solution as a Base


It DOES NOT contain: PPC (Phosphatidal Choline), DC (Sodium De-Oxycholate), Hormones, Chemicals, Stimulants, Surfactants, Pentoxifylline, Lidocaine, Aminophylline, Calcitonin or Isoproterenol.


SKINNY Meso is a finely crafted blend of the highest quality, medicinal grade plant extracts in various forms sourced locally and imported from Germany. SKINNY Meso is 100% natural.


SKINNY Meso loves the stuff that we all hate… FAT. It quickly breaks down the fatty deposits that so love the hips, tummy and thighs …(and actually everywhere you don’t want it) It does this very, very well and very, very fast. As a bonus it also removes the entire fat cell, completely and permanently! Yes, you read correctly, this stuff makes those die-hard nasty little fat cells disappear! SKINNY Mesowill also eliminate cellulite and firm up loose skin as the fat melts away.

SKINNY Meso is an effective treatment that mobilizes accumulated fat releasing it through the lymphatic system into the blood stream to be burnt safely by the body’s metabolism

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  • Dosage: You will inject 5ml once a week into problem areas all over your body. The 5ml can be split into 5 areas at a time. You can use it on ANY part of your body where you want to eliminate fat cells… bum, arms, legs, love-handles etc. For increase fat loss you can inject twice a week. 
    • Success Rate is 92%
    • No side effects
    • You will get results with these injections between 2 and 3 weeks.
    • No diet or exercise is needed. You can just cut out some sugar and carbs.
    • You MUST drink 2-3 liters of water per day. VERY IMPORTANT. Water is the key to lose cm with these injections.
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