1. 10mg Tirzepatide Prefilled Pen (4 week supply)

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The 10g Tirzepatide Pen , Promotes Weight Loss and decreases Appetite and Reduces Food Cravings

Safe and effective
Once weekly Injections
Promotes Weight Loss
Decreases Appetite and Reduces Food Cravings

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The 10mg Tirzepatide Pen , Promotes Weight Loss and decreases Appetite and Reduces Food Cravings

Each pen includes pen needles and instruction booklet.

The pen will last a new user 4 weeks )

One role of GLP-1 is to prompt the body to produce more insulin, which reduces blood sugar (glucose). For that reason, health care providers have used Tirzepatide for more than 15 years to treat Type 2 diabetes.

But GLP-1 in higher amounts also interacts with the parts of the brain that suppress your appetite and signal you to feel full, it can cause significant weight loss — and a reduced risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease — in people who are obese or overweight.

Starting Dose : Initial recommended dosage is 0.25 mg once weekly for four weeks.

Very Important : Once you start to inject you must inject the same day and same time every week

Storage: Store the pen at room temperature (59ºF to 86ºF / 15ºC to 30ºC) or refrigerated (36°F to 46°F / 2°C to 8°C)

Side Effects: Common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, Any concerns should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

-Tirzepatide is FDA approved in 2021 for age 12 and up

-powerful appetite suppressant

-regulates blood sugar

-fat burning agent

-promotes weight loss

-increase metabolism

-boost energy

-Save and effective

The only people that can’t use the injection are people that’s on medication for diabetes, pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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Additional information

Additional Info

Saxenda is a chronic weight management medication manufactured by Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical company. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because this is the same pharmaceutical that developed other successful weight loss drugs such as Wegovy and Ozempic weight loss. Saxenda weight loss actually came out a few years before the Ozempic boom. This drug was approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in 2014.

Saxenda’s active compound is liraglutide, which helps with weight control in two ways: to achieve weight loss and to keep the weight off after you have lost it. Liraglutide is also the active ingredient in another Novo Nordisk drug: Victoza. While Victoza can aid weight loss, it is only FDA-approved for type 2 diabetes mellitus treatment, not weight management. In the same way, Saxenda is recommended for weight control and not diabetes management. It is unknown whether this drug can help with type 1 or type 2 diabetes in adults or children. Since Saxenda is available in a higher dosage than Victoza, it promotes greater and quicker body weight reduction.

This weight loss medication is not recommended if you have a severe gut or stomach condition or if you have heart failure. You shouldn’t use this drug if you have a severe allergic reaction to liraglutide or other Saxenda ingredients. You must consult with your doctor if you have kidney problems or are on dialysis. Saxenda is also not recommended if you are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant; this prescription medication could harm the fetus. Avoid using Saxenda if you are already on a diabetes medication, such as Ozempic for PCOS.

Saxenda (liraglutide) comes as a liquid solution inside an injection pen. How does Saxenda injection pen work? Subcutaneous injectable pens are easy to use; they come prefilled, and you only have to adjust the dosage. You apply the shot by removing the pen cap and injecting the dose under the skin. The best place to inject Mounjaro for weight loss is the abdomen, but you must change the injection spot every time to avoid redness and skin irritation.

Unlike other weight loss medications in this class, such as Wegovy or retatrutide, which require weekly injections, you must use Saxenda every day. The Saxenda dosing schedule is also designed a little differently. With most drugs, your doctor increases the dose once a month.

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